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Wednesday, September 05, 2007



Most companies have a distinct lack of them, some companies have them but never use them, and some companies dangle a huge set of balls you never knew they had!

One such company is Vauxhall. To most people, Vauxhall means cheap, small, slightly crap, shit-box hatchbacks and the rep's favourite, the Vectra.

Imagine getting your girlfriend to drop you off at the local dealer in her three cylinder Corsa, and then following you home in your 540bhp VXR8!


Yes, you can stroll into your local Vauxhall dealer, chat about the merits of a diesel Astra, then calmly walk off in a 6 litre supercharged V8 monster saloon!

I know it's just an imported Holden, but it's cool all the same!

In the words of Aretha Franklin . . .


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