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Monday, September 17, 2007


No, not the BBC2 TV series, I mean real ones. My ones.
It's been a tough old decade for a select group of men. Sportsmen, actors, musicians, who have, at some point, made me think "Legend".

Steve Hislop, Stuart Adamson, Richard Burns, Michael Hutchence, David Jeffries, all gone, but now I have to add Colin McRae to that list. I remember 1995 very well, the year he became world champion. I videotaped every round of the World Rally Championship that year, still have them too.

At some level, I always knew that the motorbike guys were taking their life in their hands racing at places like the Isle of Man, but even though Rallying is a dangerous motorsport, Colin McRae always seemed indestructible to me.
I really didn't need to be proved wrong.

Soraidh leat, Colin.

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