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Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Sum Of All Fears!

Picture the scene. I shut the front door behind me, lock it, get out my car keys, jump over the wall outside my house, and then I hear it . . . . SSKRSSSSHHH!

I look down.

The iPod that was in my pocket is on the pavement.

In a million pieces.

Option 1 - Panic.
Option 2 - Scream.
Option 3 - Gingerly pick up the pieces, phone your mate to say you won't be coming over after all, get out the tweezers and pray.
Option 4 - All of the above

I went for option 4. Luckily, thanks to my technical skills, I managed to revive the patient, just like Dr House.

(PS - That's not a pic of my actual iPod, but it gets the idea accross)

(PPS - The head is fine today, by the way. Thanks for your concern)