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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Money talks, bullshit walks!

Today I had a job interview with the mighty Walmart group at their facility in Falkirk.
Everything was going well until we got the factory tour. One of the 'colleague candidates' was a woman, one of the 'mumsy' type who did nothing but try to be chatty and friendly towards everyone. I wanted to kill her. Within the first minute of meeting her I knew she had 3 kids, her husband (Barry) was a policeman, and that her dog had to get put down on Monday. I bet Barry must be jealous of the dog!

To cut a long story short, I totally aced the interview. I know that makes me sound arrogant, but I just know I did, I'm good at that sort of shit. The chap who interviewed me was around my age, travels about the same distance to work as I do, liked live music gigs like me also, so straight away I could appear relaxed and open with him, talk freely without babbling, etc etc. I'll get a call in a couple of days telling me they want me to start.

Not going to though. The place is spotless, very hi-tech, interesting, and local, but the money is totally shite! I make more now than I would on their highest rate of pay including shift allowance. I'd need to do loads of overtime to make what I make on my basic pay, and as they say "Show me the money!"

That's that idea fecked!

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