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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Inchy's Alpine Adventure: Prologue

35 kilograms.

Sounds quite heavy, doesn't it? And if you were told by Easyjet that 5 1/2 stones was your baggage allowance for a flight then you could stick the kitchen sink in and still have enough capacity to bring back a stuffed donkey and all the fake clothing you could possibly want.
However, if your essential holiday supplies includes a mountain bike, a helmet, body armour and assorted tools and spare parts, then 35kg seems like a distant target rather than a limit.
Nevertheless, at 8:20am tomorrow morning I shall be forcing myself onboard yet another dreaded airliner to make the short flight to Geneva and thence onwards to the Alpine sport mecca that is Morzine.

I have to admit, the thought of waking up and seeing The Alps from my bedroom window sounds amazing, and the thought of throwing myself and my bike down the side of said Alps also sounds amazing . . . ly dangerous, hence the "extreme sports" medical insurance that we've all had to take out which includes a "ten million pound repatriation fund", even though I only live in Scotland, not on the moon!

Don't worry, boring updates are sure to follow.

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