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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Inchy's Alpine Adventure: Day 3

We're woken at 7am by the bells of The Church of Saint Mary Madelaine of Morzine, as we have been every morning as it's directly opposite our hotel. Another tasty continental breakfast of croissants and fresh bread and we're off again for more of the same incredible trails and downhill runs. Amazingly Fat Albert has rejoined us, albeit armed with a bizarre surgical back support which cost him €70.
I get a front blowout half way down a fast singletrack which sends me straight over the bars and onto my arse, but it's a relatively painless off and I'm back on two wheels after a quick inner tube change.

Then around half past three, the rain starts, and by rain I mean RAIN! Within 30 seconds we're all as wet as if we'd jumped in a swimming pool. We adjourn back to the hotel where we bump into a bunch of guys from Barrow In Furness who've driven overnight to get here, arriving at eight o'clock and heading straight to the pub.
I get the feeling it's going to be a long night.


Steve said...

So another day with a sore arse...?! ;-)

Inchy said...

Steve - I wear my sore arse with pride, my friend.

Steve said...

Then I shall take my hat off to you, sir, and admire it... from a respectable distance.