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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Inchy's Alpine Adventure: Day 4

Our final day of riding and we're down to three men. Cletus and Fat Albert have decided to give it a miss today as it's wet and things will be very very slippery, so its just myself, Adrenaline Rush and Rat Boy, the hardcore elite.
I start the day by launching myself straight into the air and twisting my ankle, yet all I can do is laugh.
As the morning progresses we start to realise that we're tired and fatigued, and that's when things go wrong.
With this in mind we somehow decide to do Le Pleney, Morzine's black graded extreme downhill course. It's an absolutely incredible track and we complete it without too much pain.

It's time to call it a day.
We head back to the hotel to clean the bikes, take them to bits and pack them away for the flight home tomorrow morning, but as it's Rat Boy's birthday today we're going to make a real night of it. I think I'm entitled to a massive hangover tomorrow, I've earned it.


Steve said...

I was wondering how you'd got the bikes there... doh! You didn't have to stand in a special compartment then like on UK trains...?!

Inchy said...

Steve - They break down into large transport cases with heavy padding.
I believe that the protocol for getting them into the hold of the aircraft involves dropping them from a great height, dragging them behind a cart and reversing a bus over them.

All in a days work for SleasyJet.

Steve said...

Better than flying Ryanair... they'd have turfed them out over a neighbouring country and charged you for the time the cargo bay doors were held open.