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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Glentress Black Route

Myself and the rest of the middle aged teenagers did the Black Route at Glentress today, a trail that's almost universally acclaimed as the best in the UK. Well, anyone who thinks so is universally wrong. It's shite. Yes it's demanding, yes it's very technical, and yes, at 29 kilometres and with an overall ascent of 870 metres, it's very long, but one thing it certainly is not is fun. Climb after climb after climb, and I'm thinking "there's gonna be some serious descents coming up" but nay! Another climb and yet more pain!

Glentress overall is a fantastic place, with well thought out trails, friendly knowledgeable staff, and all completely free (almost, apart from £2 for the car park), but today was just a case of 'I've started, so I'll finish'

Trust me, do the Red Route . . . twice.


Sofaboy TT said...

Still not made it.

Some friends heading down this coming weekend but don't know if I can afford it right now...

Thanks for the advice on the red route twice though!

Inchy said...

Did the Red again today, and even though it was a bit snowbound at the top of the Spooky Wood section, it was still a right good laugh. On a good day, I'm sure I'll try the Black again and get more out of it, but for sheer fun you can't beat the Red. Do it, you'll thank me!