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Monday, December 10, 2007

Joe Calzaghe, the Welsh Nelson Mandela

It's not very often that I'm wrong, almost never to be honest, but I'm glad I was last night. The Great British Public have restored my faith in them by giving Joe Calzaghe the recognition that he should have received last year and voted him BBC Sports Personality 2007 after the travesty that was Zara Philips winning it in 2006.
The last time a wrong of this magnitude was righted, Nelson Mandela attended his release from jail party.


Jaggy said...

Because it's personality that counts.

Inchy said...

What does that mean?

If it was just about personality, then we'd just give it to Daley Thompson every year.

This award is meant to recognise achievement and that's what it's done this year.

Jaggy said...

Then why not call it the sports achievement award?


Inchy said...

Do I look like I work at the BBC?

I don't know why they call it Sports Personality, tradition I suppose.

Jaggy said...

You've got the perfect face for radio.

Inchy said...