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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Women - Know your limits!

Take a look at the two photos here, can you tell the difference? Well one of them is 'The Old Girl' and the other is the car that ran into me on the way home! Truth be told, I felt really sorry for the wee girl that hit me. She was only 17 and was shaking like a leaf when she got out. I was expecting the worst when I stopped, as it was a fair old dunt when she hit me, but the Xantia is old school, and is SOLID! A wee mark on my towball boot seems a fair trade to her burst radiator, bent bonnet, and wrecked bumper!
That's how we roll, baby!

1 comment:

garfieldrannoch said...

Ah the old tow bar, better than any deflector shield eh? Off to jaggy island with the wench!