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Monday, November 12, 2007

I never thought I'd say this . . .

. . . but come back Vicki Butler Henderson! Top Gear is now officially shite! I've been watching Top Gear since I was a boy. From the days of William Woolard, Raymond Baxter, and Chris Goffey, right through to the questionable 'Best Factual Programme' that we have today, which must be said, has went rapidly downhill over the last two series. When the show returned to our screens in it's current hour-long format, I was delighted, even more so when Clarkson returned, but recently I feel the show has been drifting towards being more about the presenters themselves and less about the cars. I want some humour, some fact, and plenty of cool cars being blasted round a track as fast as is humanly possible. I really couldn't give a shit that you can take three old bangers and drive across Africa in them, I really don't give a monkeys about crossing the Channel in a pick-up truck, and I never ever wanted to play football in a Toyota Aygo even though I suspect that they'll wheel that old chestnut out again some time soon. The show now seems to be breaking it's own rules. For example, the Power Laps board was only ever supposed to be open to road legal cars. There have been plenty of race cars breaking the record, but if they weren't road legal, they didn't go on. Well I can't help but notice that the VW Golf W12 that Fatty tested a few weeks ago has made it onto the board, even though it's a hand-built prototype, yet the Caparo T1 on last nights show was excluded because of it being a bit low to the ground? Now the cynic inside me would say that this was because it's unlikely that anything else will ever beat it's time (8 seconds faster, I guessed about 5 seconds!) but that's just my poor attitude I guess. The BBC would never artificially alter the results of anything like that . . . would they?

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