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Saturday, October 31, 2009


My wee dog had to get put to sleep today.
She'd been unwell for some time now and had her spleen, and the tumour that was attached to it, removed a couple of months ago, but the decline in her health was pretty rapid.

Tara was always a bit of a daft wee dog and she used to drive me crazy sometimes with her fascination for eating t shirts, usually cool expensive t shirts belonging to me!

People who don't 'get' dogs might find it strange that a grown man is reduced to a bubbling wreck, but a bubbling wreck I am. These people will never understand the bond that builds up between man and animal. She was a part of my family and I'm really going to miss her . . . although my wardrobe wont.


Steve said...

Totally understand, mate. Totally with you. Words don't even come close to what you're feeling now. You have my symapthies.

Misssy M said...

I am still not over our old family dog Sula dying over 11 years ago. She was one of my two bridesmaids (although she waited outside the church). Losing a pet is hard enough but a losing a dog is somehow even more difficult. I feel for you, Inchy.

Inchy said...

Thanks guys, much appreciated.
I've had better weekends, that's for sure.

downhilldad said...

you didn't have a dog or was it invisible?

Löst Jimmy said...

Difficult always to say the right things here Inchy, very sorry for your loss

Ellie said...

Oh, I am sorry. I am one of the nutjobs that thinks her dog loves her back and lets her lick my face. I feel for you.

On a different note, I'm friggin annoyed with Google Reader. I have you bookmarked and only accidently clicked on your link (it was just under a link that was highlighted as updated) .... all this time Google had me believing you were defunct ... it wasn't telling me you were posting. Damn them.