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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Keep Walking

I'm not the worlds greatest fan of whisky, but I'll be the first to admit that it most definitely has it's place. It's one of the handful of things in this world that will for evermore be inextricably linked with Scotland, and none more so than Johnnie Walker.

It is therefore a touch ironic that this fantastic 2009 advert for the brand comes as the Kilmarnock plant, home of Johnnie Walker whisky from day one, closes due to the traditional "business needs".

If you listen close, you can hear Mr Walker turning in his grave.

PS - Better quality version here.


Steve said...

I must confess to being a whisky man though prefer a nice bottle of Oban to Johnny Walker... however, this is still black armband news...

Steve said...

Johnnie... Johnnie... Johnnie... apologies. Been a long day.

Inchy said...

Perhaps a wee dram is exactly what you need right now, Steve?

EmmaK said...

whisky is inextricable linked in my mind to a skiiing bus trip i made with my mother when I was fifteen when I drank half a bottle of Scotch in the back of the bus, snogged two lads and vomited all over myself. My mum didn't stop me because she wanted to 'teach me a lesson.' haven't been able to touch the stuff since

Inchy said...

EmmaK - As always, you paint an incredibly attractive picture!

Löst Jimmy said...

Trouble with Johnnie Walker is it is owned by Diageo and they couldn't give a monkeys about the heritage of the tipple. Once a multi-national gets their mitts on something, nothing is sacred.

Feeble rant over