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Monday, December 22, 2008

What The F**k Are You Looking At?!

It's just after 8 am at the moment and I've just woken from a particularly troubling dream which saw me looking after The Demon's 4 year old nephew only for him to go missing "on my watch".

Every parents worst nightmare, I know, but I think I know the reason for this particular nightmare scenario.
If you've read my blog before or even glanced at my profile pic you'll know that I eat, sleep and breathe mountain bikes. As usual, Sunday saw myself and my friends at Britain's premier mountain biking venue, Glentress forest just outside Peebles. After a wet but enjoyable day which saw me fly over the handlebars just the once, we returned to the car park for a shower, a change of clothes and some of the now famous millionaires shortbread.
As I made my way back from the changing rooms I happened to glance over at a man who was packing his car and getting ready to leave.
"I'm sure I know that guys face" I found myself thinking, but it was only when I saw his wife and realised that I also knew her face too that the penny dropped.
Kate and Gerry McCann enjoying a day out, cycling in the countryside.
I immediately looked away, but then found myself staring, something that I noticed every single person in the car park who passed them also do.
I cannot think of anything worse, to be stared at and spoken about in hushed tones wherever you go. It must be like being a celebrity but for all the wrong reasons.
Whatever you're opinion of the McCanns, and I know that they have their critics, you just cannot help but feel sorry for them. Yes they courted the media in the wake of their daughters abduction, yes there is a case to be argued that they should never have left her alone, but without a doubt Madeleine McCann is easily the most well known, if that's the right term, missing child on the planet right now, proving that their choice to use the media was arguably the correct one.
Anyway, they packed away their kit, started up their little silver Honda, and left.
That's when all four of us turned to each other and said "Was that who I think it was?"

As I said, nightmare.


Misssy M said...

I think the way the McCann's have been treated by the media (and the Portuguese Police)is awful. If my daughter went missing I would court the media- I would hire an army of publicists, I would do ANYTHING to get her back.

Last night the home video footage they've released of Madeleine in a renewed attempt to re-energise the search, has me and Meeester in floods of tears. My daughter is exactly the same age as Madeleine and looks incredibly like her.

When Madeleine went missing I even worried that people might look at Junior Missy and think she was her- she even has that brown splodge on her eye like Madeleine.It's uncanny.

Don't feel bad about looking at them- they know the day they can walk down a street without anyone recognising them is the day their tragedy has slipped out of the public consciousness and that people have stopped caring.

And last night as we watched the footage, my anger rose again about that awful beast Sharon Matthews who tried to cash in and abduct her own daughter to emulate the McCanns. I feel overwhelming disgust at her.

Inchy said...

Misssy - One of the unfortunate constants in life is that there will always be people who are happy to sink lower than most of us would think was possible to sink to. Sharon Matthews is just the latest pondscum to float to the surface of the gene pool.
It's regrettable, but there undoubtedly will be others.

Jaggy said...

Speaking of sinking to new lows, I noticed you left out that bit you said to me today about Kate McCann.

Inchy said...

I do believe it was . . .
"She'd get it"

Steve said...

I agree with your post. This must be a shit time of year for them in a whole couple of years of shitness. Makes me thankful for me and mine.