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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Weather Forecast For Tonight: Dark

Is it just me?
Am I alone?
Am I the only one who thinks that the weather forecasts of, say, the last five years are completely and utterly unreliable?

For example, over the last three days Central Scotland has been gripped in fear of the dreaded "blizzard". Now the name blizzard conjures up images of the Antarctic, polar bears tearing seals asunder, snowdrifts the height of your house.

"Blizzard warning! Blizzard warning!"

Today I awoke to some light drizzle.
Apparently it's chaos theory at work, the overnight temperature being half a degree too warm for the killer snow to form. Small consolation to the people who made and adjusted their plans to account for the mountains of icy precipitation that we were almost certainly guaranteed to have.

Predicting the weather, pah!
Jeremy Paxman was right!


Misssy M said...

False hope to kids (and teachers- Meeester in particular) who thought they were heading for a snow day off.Outrageous- it borders on child abuse. Don't mention snow unless you REALLY mean it. Kids are crying throughout the land.

Misssy M said...

Mums who work from home, are, however, relieved. (Cough)

Rol said...

It's a joke. They were more accurate when they used pinecones and squirrel droppings.

Jaggy said...

I wouldn't just say it's the last five years, I think they've always been shit. Remember Michael Fish and the "Don't worry, there's no hurricane coming" forecast?
Now they over do the warnings to such an extent that they exaggerate the small amount of whatever it is we're going to get.

When you see that weather map on the telly and they say it's going to be showery and they've put little puddles of blue here and there and the map, they're only guessing, there's no way they know where the showers are going to be. It's all glorified guess work.

You say that last night they were out by half a degree with 6 hours warning, and you STILL try and tell me they know we're going to be 1 degree warmer in 50 years time! They haven't got a fucking clue.

And Polar Bears live in the Arctic, not the Antarctic.

Steve said...

Rol, are you saying they've stopped?

Paxman is always right. In fact, he should be predicting the weather... though as someone much wiser and funnier than me once said: if you want to know what the weather is doing just step outside.

The Manic Street Preacher said...

Jeremy Paxman is always right. Oh...soz...I mean Clarkson....

No weather at all down south. Some chav's nicked it I reckon.

Zen Wizard said...

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I mean, in case you didn't get the email we sent...

Anonymous said...

Jesus God I love that man.

What was the point of me coming allll the way up here? It NEVER snows in manchester >:(

Andrew Glazebrook said...

I only watch the weather on Channel 5, and that's only to see Lara Lewington !! I'd give her a warm wet front moving up from the south !!