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Saturday, December 20, 2008

3 2 Go

Nearly there now, we're on the home straight.

My company gratiously gifts its employees a whole two days holiday at Christmas, yes that's right, two whole days holiday, followed by another two days off for New Year! Are they mental?!
This leads to machiavelian plotting by me and my fellow colleagues to see who can take the days between Christmas and New Year off using the allocation of annual holidays that we can all elect to take. The company policy is that no more than two people may be off at any one time and this year I'm one of them. The problem has been that I elected to take those three days as holidays way back in January of this year but I used up the rest of my annual allocation at the end of August. This has meant that I have had to drag my sorry arse through the last four months without a day off, focusing solely on the upcoming eleven day Christmas holiday without my 80 mile daily commute to Glasgow, without the 4:30am alarm, without the doom & gloom of the UK manufacturing industry, without Simon Mayo on Radio 5Live and Bryan Burnett on Radio Scotland, without the bio hazzard yellow chicken curry from the staff canteen and without the £60 of diesel that I'd need to enjoy all these little pleasures.

Instead I shall eat enough food to feed a small township in Botswana, I shall drink more alcohol than Jaggy goes through in an average week, I shall, I'm sure, be required to play various games with a couple of small children that I know, I shall endure much dancing and singing and I'll enjoy every second of it.

Three more days to go, three more days to go, three more days to go, three more . . . . . . .


Jaggy said...

That photo's only about 5 years old, you couldn't even be arsed to take a new one could you?

Incidently, there's only 2 days left for some, and I'm pretty sure i shall drink WAY more alcohol than the 2 shandies you claim is a good bevvy.

Inchy said...

Jaggy, Jaggy, Jaggy, I chose that picture because of the "humerous" chap in the centre. As for the amount of alcohol you consume, I concur, you will drink more than me. See if you can beat your record of weekly units of alcohol, 56 wasn't it?

Jaggy said...

By humerous, do you mean there's an upper arm bone in the picture and you've taken a sudden and unexpected interest in radiology, or do you mean the "humorous" as in "funny" chap in the picture with the completely unnecessary glasses on making the internationally recognisable "wanker" gesture at you whilst you take the picture.

And I believe the 56 units week you mentioned was just a run of the mill week, and not a record week. The next couple of weeks will probably see me double that.

Steve said...

Now that's forward planning that the UK Government can only dream of. A job well done, sir. Enjoy - you've earnt it.

Rol said...

You get TWO days off for New Year? I'm contacting my union!

Löst Jimmy said...

I haven't had holidays from the Dream Factory since last January so this week I get them all in one 3 week burst, therefore there will be a little festive cheer when I clock out on Tuesday night.

Have a good Christmas and Hogmanay Inchy and all the best for 2009