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Friday, August 31, 2007

Mid-Life Crysis

Now I'm not known for my tolerant nature, but I feel that I'm compelled to voice my anger at the German software company Crytek. During summer last year, they announced that their new FPS (first person shooter) game 'Crysis' was about to be released. I bought it.

Here we are 12 months later, and I still don't have it. "How can this be?!" I hear you cry. Well, I'm buggered if I know. Surely when a department says "Boss, that game's nearly ready" it means that it's nearly ready!

But no! I received an email just the other day "Dear Mr Inch . . . . etc etc . . . . has been delayed again . . . . etc etc . . . . November 2007!!"

They shall feel my wrath.


Jaggy said...

Your wrath!!! You mean you might write another strongly worded e-mail to them?
Surely wrath means " I will slaughter your parents and rape your wife and 12 year old daughter then feed your pet dog to the wild boar while videotaping it and posting it on You Tube"
That's my interpretation of wrath anyway.

Joe Pineapples said...

Jaggy, Jaggy, Jaggy, you are full of such anger, my son. It must be because you look so old.

'Wrath' to me means that I shall moan about it to anyone unfortunate to listen to me, and in private I shall quietly fume.