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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ripping Yarns

10 days.
That's how long it's taken me to rip my entire CD collection.
10 days of staring blankly at a monitor, 10 days of searching the net for the album art that dBpoweramp can't find, 10 days of "OMG, I can't believe I bought that!", but, as the last few digital notes of the "You And Me Song" by The Wannadies made their way to their new home, it was finally over, 6217 songs and over 187Gb worth of music.

It seems quite strange seeing my musical timeline laid out on my bedroom floor. I bought my first CD  player in 1986 when CDs were all spangly and new, and my first CD was the U2 single "With or Without You". Along with  "Don't Go" by The Hothouse Flowers and "Brothers In Arms" by Dire Straits, it was about the only music available on these strange silver discs that everyone thought you could use instead of toilet paper and they would still work.
As I've been ripping I've been "Rediscovering Music", to quote a catchphrase from the company I work for.
I'd forgotten all about "Megablast" by Bomb The Bass, "Muscle Deep" by Then Jerico or "Connection" by Elastica. Songs from my past that instantly take me back.

I'm thoroughly looking forward to having instant access to my new library, the ability to make playlists and browse my tracks through my PDA and to hear all this wonderful music better than it's ever sounded before.

Vive la digital revolution!

*PS - Bonus points for anyone who can correctly identify all the top CD's in the photo.
No prize, just glory . . . and my respect.


Sky Clearbrook said...

Megablast was a fucking beaut. Wasn't it a double a-side with their (his) cover of I Say A Little Prayer?

I've rediscovered a few gems recently too. Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe by Whale and the Chameleon Mix of Billie Ray Martin/Spooky's Persuasion being just a couple of examples from 1993.

Sky Clearbrook said...

Re: your challenge...

Back row L-R
1. The Beloved: Happiness
2. REM : Orange Crush cd single
3. Dunno, I thinkit might be Scooter???
4. Suede: Sci-Fi Lullabies
5. Gay Dad: All their sleeves were variations on their logos, but I think that might be Leisure Noise
6. Massive Attack: Protection

Second row from back L-R
1. Colourbox: Colourbox
2. Can't really make it out, but it might be by Sub Pop "funsters", Come.
3. Something by Embrace?
4. Fuck knows
5. The Smiths: The World Won't Listen
6. The Primitives: Best Of (1996 edition!)

Second row from front L-R
1. The Cure: Staring at the Sea
2. Bernard Butler: People Move On
3. Bomb The Base: Into The Dragon
4. The Farm: Spartacus
5. Lloyd Cole and the Commotions: Mainstream
Billy Bragg: Don't Try This At Home

Front row L-R
1. Is it Julian Cope?
2. De La Soul: A Roller Skating Jam Called Saturdays
3. The Wannadies: You And Me Song single

How many did I get right?

Jaggy said...

You've obviously made sure you hid the Erasure, Elton John and Scissor Sisters right at the bottom.

Inchy said...

Sky - The ones you missed out were:
Back row: 3rd from left is "Paranoid & Sunburnt" by Skunk Anansie and the Gay Dad album is indeed "Leisure Noise".

2nd row from back: 2nd from left is "Black Market Music" by Placebo, then "Turn On The Bright Lights" by Interpol, followed by "Strange Kind Of Love" by Love And Money.

Front row: 1st from left is indeed the great Julian Cope, it's the CD single of "Try Try Try".

I have to say, what a cracking good effort.

Jaggy - Dick.

Misssy M said...

It's when the program can't find the CD info online and you;ve all these unknown tracks languishing around your list- that's what upsets me most.

And c'mon fess up- there was at least one Stock Aitken and Waterman blunder in there if you started buying CDs in 1986- which one...c'mon. You're amongst friends. And Jaggy.

Inchy said...

All I shall confess to is the album "Youthquake" by Dead Or Alive, but I know for a fact that all it would take is for you to hear the chorus of "You Spin Me Round(Like A Record)" and you'd be humming it for the rest of the day!

...oh yes you would!

Steve said...

Hey, Copey, The Smiths, Lloyd Cole and Bragg - you're a top man. The wife bought me a USB turntable for Christmas and I still have a marathon similar to yours to undertake... except it will take months. And months. That puts me off though the memory of Cope's Reynard The Fox lurking on my shelves is a bit of a motivation (your post reminded me).