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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Men are from Mars....

....Women are just mental.

A rare long lie this morning found me waking up to The Demon watching one of her current favourite tv shows, MTV's "reality phenomenon" The Hills.
If by some miracle of fate you have missed this gem, I'll give you a brief synopsis:
It seems to consist mostly of various camera crews following four or five totally affected, self absorbed, narcissistic, snobby, bitchy, vacuous Hollywood rich tarts around their "ordinary" daily lives.
I say four or five because I can't really be sure how many of them there are, they all look the same with their perfectly coiffured $300 hairdos, their Beverly Hills apartments and their BMW's, Mercedes and Range Rovers. Not bad for a bunch just out of their teens.

After five minutes of this show I wanted to smash the tv.....
....straight into the face of Heidi or Audrina or Chiara or whatever the hell the Barbie doll tootsy on the screen was called. She was having a particularly bad day at work. Work which mostly seemed to consist of sitting around in constructed poses bitching about her flatmates to co-workers who clearly just wanted her to die. Horribly.

It was at this point that I felt the need to question The Demon on her attraction to this turd of a show:
"It's fun, it's escapism, it's a good show..." she claims.

Even after all these years together I still don't understand her, but I suppose it works both ways.
"You'll quite happily sit all day on a Sunday watching 'A 4x4 Is Born' or 'Mythbusters' or that bloody 'Overhaulin'!" she retaliates, at which point I highlight the informative nature of the shows she mentioned, their emphasis on empirical data, engineering, science, all wrapped up in a highly entertaining package. It's what tv was invented for! 

The look I received could have brought on a nuclear winter.
Vive le difference.


downhilldad said...

Two bedrooms, two living rooms, two TV's

Problem solved

Steve said...

These types of shows bring out the chauvenist in me. Normally I'm the epitome of consideration and equality but when I see some rich Hollywood manakin-bitch bemoaning the price of her 500th pair of designer shoes I just want to shout at her to either get her tits out or fuck off. Now that is what TV should have been invented for.

TheUndertaker said...

Hmm... 'Women are just mental'? I think we are the sanest creatures on the planet. God must have sat in Heaven, shaking His head, looking at Adam going "this dude will never survive on his own, I better do something, quick" and woman was created : )
However, the program sounds gut wrenchingly bad, I would much rather watch Mythbusters anyday!

Inchy said...

Downhill Dad - You make marriage sound SO appealing.

Steve - I've just been at my brother in law's for tea and I hit them with the "tits out of fuck off" line.
50% of the room agreed with me and the other 50% are female.

Undertaker - I think that God/Allah/Buddha/L. Ron Hubbard was sat in heaven thinking "This dude's having far too much fun down there, I better throw him a curveball!"