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Monday, December 07, 2009

I feel the need . . . for speed

I'd like to ask a question:

Have you, or anyone you know, ever had a speeding fine from an Average Speed Camera?

I only ask because my 40 mile commute to work has a stretch of some 14 miles of the buggers and they're going to be there until September 2011!
It's sending my stress levels through the roof, sitting at a constant 40mph, eyes focused on the speedo, occasionally glancing at the road ahead, pulling out to overtake a car moving a 1/2mph slower than you, when the thought struck me:

I know no one who has ever had a ticket from these cameras, myself included.
The day they "went live" I hadn't heard the announcement on the radio and careered into the 40mph zone with my usual mix of 70mph+ abandon. This was now some weeks ago and, touch wood, no speeding ticket.

If it turns out that there is no one manning the cameras, or indeed no cameras in the boxes at all, then I'd actually have some respect for the authorities in charge of said cameras. Having said that, the temptation to take the numberplate off of my motorbike and scream through the 40 zone at 150+ is becoming harder to resist!

(For any members of the law enforcement community, this is clearly meant in jest . . . honest.)


Misssy M said...

It's the stuff of myth,isn't it? Everyone's heard the one about someone who got caught and got a photo of him driving at speed through the post. Do they do that- actually send you the photo? Has this ever actually happened to anyone?

I say if you are going to do that 150mph past the cameras do it in style, like standing up, or with two fingered salute or simply butt naked. Just in case the photo myth also turns out to be true.

Inchy said...

Being an Aberdonian, I thought you'd be familiar with the concept known as 'wind chill'?!

Steve said...

I think to ride your bike standing upright whilst taking a piss (Hotel Paradiso style) would be a cool way to test the reality (or not) of these cameras. I'm not suggesting that yourself should do it by the way.

Rol said...

If you do find out for definite that they're not really working, please let me know. They're currently infecting much of the motorway I travel to work on and it's very annoying.