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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No Shit Sherlock

If you had passed me on the M74 this morning you might have wondered why I was talking to myself in the car on the way to work. Well it was due to a report on the news regarding a scheme in England that has just posted the results of a six month trial they had carried out with hardcore heroin addicts. Some of the 127 clinical addicts who took part in the programme were given heroin free from the organisers and at the end of the six months that the scheme ran for, this is what they deduced:

If you give drug addicts free drugs, they use less street drugs, ergo they commit less crime to fund their supply of said street drugs.

I'm gobsmacked.
Giving someone something that they are addicted to for free means that they source less of that something elsewhere?
Who'd have thought it?

Well, me actually, and I'm sure you too.

So if I'm a confirmed sex addict and the government supplies me with a string of high class prostitutes there would be less chance of me logging on to

At £15,000 a head for this scheme, the eventual bill to the taxpayer is almost £2 million.
I could have told them the answer for half that.


Steve said...

If the taxpayer has 2 million to spare (and plainly I do) you can bung some of those high class prostitutes my way too please. It'll keep me off the street (and them) and I'm sure as the initiative gathers pace and punters the crime rate in Leamington will drop off astoundingly... in fact you wouldn't see a man on the street after dark for love nor money. Literally.

Sid said...

What? This is bullsh*t. Why doesn't the government spend THAT money on rehabilitating the guys??? Free drugs???

Inchy said...

Steve - Class!

Sid - I do believe that the next government funded project is to find out if trees make a noise when they fall down in the forest.

Löst Jimmy said...

Steve - Got any spare going?